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Friday, January 31, 2014

Create A Simple Content Strategy

Create A Simple Content Strategy

If you are a follower of any online trends in digital marketing, social media, search engine optimization or branding, you have undoubtedly heard that content creation is exceptionally important. From a website to blogs & social networking sites, high-quality content is increasingly making the biggest impact for online success. Knowing it's important isn't enough though...making it happen is the key.

So how can entrepreneurs and even small to medium-size businesses forge a path to successful content creation? It's about planning and keeping it simple!

  1. Review website content
    Your website should be the most important access point for content in your online presence. It doesn't do much good to spend time blogging, Tweeting, Pinning or making videos for YouTube if your website is not optimized for quality content. So clean up your site first, then consider what off-site channels you will use.

  2. Devote time to it
    That's the hard one, I know. For small businesses there is never enough time in any given day. However, the importance of good content can't be overlooked any longer. So consider a way to carve out some time to devote to brainstorming ideas, creating outlines for articles, taking photos of your business or products, etc. Keep all these ideas and resources in one place, then set aside some specific time to flush out the ideas to create content. The exact amount of time and how you pull it all together is going to vary, but the important point here is that you are intentional about devoting some amount of time to content creation.

  3. Play on your strengths
    Be sure to use the channels that are providing you with the most interaction with current and potential customers...but also that you are the most comfortable with. Blog if you feel confident writing articles. Create white papers for industry specific topics if you have the knowledge. Publish press releases about your company if you have the know-how. Learn to leverage social media platforms if you use them already. Getting started with content creation can be daunting if you try to learn and utilize every possible channel on top of learning to generate effective information. Stick with what you know and expand your options as you grow.

  4. Make a schedule
    Hold yourself accountable to publishing content by creating a reasonable plan. Consider how many sensible ideas and content posts you can create in a week/month/quarter. Then create a schedule and consistently stick to it. This is important to keep your content strategy moving but it also creates a constant flow of high-quality information associated with your business. 

Make an impact by becoming a publisher that is known for insightful, genuine and helpful content by planning and keeping it simple.